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Coral Bay By Boat

This section is a work in progress. But first thing, if you are new to boating in Coral Bay have a look a this first. 



This and many other helpful bits are available in our resources section. In the future this page will include a guide to get you started fishing offshore and inshore by boat out of Coral Bay. You will never find GPS marks or anything like that on here, only a guide to safely finding your own and how to target particular species.

But as a start here is a bit of info on the first step, Safely navigating the reef via North and South passages. 

North Passage (Cardabia Passage)

Located about 6nm North of the boating facility. North passage would be considered the safer option for first timers not too sure of the area or conditions. Originally used by ships to access the Maud'd Landing jetty (when it was there). It is a lot further than South passage, having to follow the marked chanel to get out of the shallow reef area, then cross Batemand Bay before you are in open ocean. But if the swell is up it may be your only option.

Navigating the passage

Once you leave the boating facility travel towards the moorings where you will see the first of the passage markers (do not travel too far directly north or west from the ramp). There is a 5 know speed limit around the boating facility and extending out to around the moorings. This is to avoid damage to boats or injury to people holding or boarding boats at the ramp, and for people trying to board commercial vessels via tenders around the moorings. It goes without saying, but be aware of mooring ropes. Due to large boats and high wind ratings some can be quite long. It is a well marked passage and safe for most trailer boats at all tides. Follow the markers directly point to point. Avoid any large sweeping turns taking you too far out of the passage as there are plenty of bomies waiting for you if you are just a few meters wide. Obviously still keep an good lookout at all times. Not only for reef but also wildlife and snorkelers who may stray a bit close to the channel. There is a 8 knot speed limit in the marked cannel. Once you reach the end of the marked channel there is a sharp dog leg, this is there to direct you over the deepest part of a large limestone ridge, but also to point you away from shallow ground directly to the North of the end of the passage. You are now in Batemans bay which itself has plenty of fishing opportunity that we will hopefully expand on as we add to this page but for now we will just continue with how to navigate to outside the reef. From the end of the marked channel continue due north for 3nm and you will have reached "Cardabia Passage". Try to spot the last yellow sanctuary marker on your Port side and you are out. When the swell is up waves can break up 0.5nm NE of this last marker so give it a wide berth and keep an eye out.

South Passage (Yalobia Passage)

South Passage is your other option for navigating to outside the reef in Coral Bay. Check back later and we will have a detailed guide to Navigating the South Passage.

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